With 1 billion dollars at its disposal and a lot of freedom granted to an arm within IBM, a team aims to to move IBM Watson to a new city block in Manhattan, its artificial intelligence technology. IBM stirred a lot of attention from media outlets in this unprecedented move by the company.

28 news reporters met up on the fifth floor of 51 Astor Place with the IBM detectives who would manage Watson in order to understand exactly what the “Watson Experience” is.

Amongst a great mix of high-tech, flat-paneled display wonderment and more than a little flashiness of Hollywood showmanship, the higher-ups from the Watson program detailed, more specifically, their idea for the future of artificial intelligence’s greatest contender; Watson.

The director of symbiotic cognitive systems for the IBM Watson Group, Dario Gil, told the gathering that, “People are at the center of the Watson experience,” and “what’s truly at the heart of the Watson experience are the startups and companies that are going to use Watson”.

The Old Tech Company IBM didn’t hold back any of the razzle-dazzle for the show at its new base just south of Union Square, explaining the ways in which universities from Thailand, hospitals from South Africa, Australian health care groups, and Spanish corporations were using Watson to develop their various disciplines, curriculum and industries in new and better ways.

At the end of it all what most stood out for us was that IBM revealed that it was working with companies across the board in over 25 countries through its new Watson projects and stimulis programs.

They described the distributed intelligence is learning Spanish through its work with Caixa Bank in Spain, and helping stockbrokers in South Africa to offer better tips and insight to their clients.

Watson is being used at Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital to improve onchology treatments with a project developed in unison with New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering, and this information gathering will be collaborated on by 16 other institutions that will inevitably feed the information to the hospital in Bangkok.

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