iOS 8 has a bundle of new features that are palatable to consumers but it appears that iPhone and iPad users aren’t upgrading to the new version at the same rate Apple has anticipated. Apple has previously had huge success with every new version of iOS.

Apple’s own stats specify on its own developer site that only 47 percent of iOS devices accessing Apple’s App Store are running iOS 8. This figüre is a massive decrease from last year’s iOS 7 launch, which saw upgrade rates of around 60 percent before the first month came to a close upon its release.

Half of iOS devices running the latest Operating System – iOS 8 -  after just three weeks isn’t bad at all, if you compare it to Android, which only has about 25% of devices running Android 4.4 KitKat, but Apple claims that its users love upgrading to newer software, and it looks like adoption is a lot slower for iOS 8, making that bold claim a bit of a problem.

So why exactly aren’t people updating to iOS 8?
It’s – in my opinion- simply because there are a lot of iPhone 4 users out there stuck on iOS 7 since the new iOS 8 isn’t supported on devices older than iPhone 5. Add to that the fact there is a bug in the system that shows users estimated download times of more than a day, deterring most people from ending up going through with the update, even though logic tells us that a day for an update is ridiculous and will obviously buffer down once the update is commenced.

The iOS 8 rollout has been the most bug-filled one in Apple history, mostly due to Apple’s new yearly cycle for upgrading both OS X and iOS at the same time.

When iOS 8 first launched, there were heaps of butgs and then after that was a disastrous 8.0.1 update which cut cell reception in about 60,000 iPhones.

There are more app-crashes than there have ever been and the banner iOS 8 feature, Continuity, won’t be available until Apple launches the latest version of its desktop OS which came out much later than the iOS update. People are waiting for more stability from Apple before they decide to update to the latest iOS.

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