The iPhone 6 beats out the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 quite easily in all of the unscientific tests we could throw at it and in a video uploaded to YouTube last week, the review site PhoneBuff measured how long it takes each phone to complete a series of tasks, including opening apps and games and the phones were individually rebooted and connected to the same WiFi network for the comparison.

Apple’s iPhone completed the unscientific set of obstacles in 1:55 flat which is much quicker than the other two phones clocked in at , it should be noted that it was more than a minute faster than the Galaxy. The HTC One M8 came in second place at 2:10, and the Samsung finished at 2:58, having to reload several applications during the second phase of testing the device's multi-tasking abilities. There were some specific applications that the other two phones launched faster.

A separate tech review site, put them to test using a similar method recently when it was comparing the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 and found that the iPhone was slightly slothier when it opened some third-party apps -- such as Facebook and Reddit -- but quicker when it came to its own software such as Apple Maps.

There's much more to a phone than speed and performance, just as it was admitted in the tests, for example the Galaxy S5 does have a larger screen and a higher resolution than the iPhone 6, and when we aggregate all of their pros and cons, the two are almost identical in brownie points.

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